Trump will last and get impeached because of

🇺🇸 Trump Impeachment Speech

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Let me begin by expressing my profound thanks to the members of Congress who have pursued fairness in the past few weeks. last few months. past year. past years.

I thank the millions of Americans who have fought to make America great again, who voted for me, and who have supported my family and what we stand for.

Now, I know a lot of you are disappointed with how everything turned out. I've built one of the best administrations ever seen: ever. And, let me tell you, we got stuff done. We put America First, and we're going to keep putting America First.

And for all of you who are out of work, who have gotten a raw deal in the last eight years, I wanted to build America like I've built wonderful, huge businesses from the ground up. My success in the real estate and investments is where I learned how to win, and we should win.

But now they're saying that it was too much: that I can't have a successful business and also save this country. Sadly, in discussions with many leaders, I've decided that with the Emolument Clause matter I no longer have the support of Congress.

But unfortunately, there are many in our government who have been against me - against us, from the very beginning. Trust me, I know how to create deals, and since the second I started being president, the press has been very unfair to me. I say and I will continue to say that Russia is a strong ally and that America needs to be America first.

So today I'm passing the power of the United States Presidency to Mr. Mike Pence, my first pick for Vice President and an incredibly great leader. A great man. Trust me, he knows how to fix this country, and there's no one better to do it.

It has been my honor to lead this country, and starting this movement. It's going to keep going, and we're just seeing the beginning of a new, stronger America.

Thank you, and goodnight.

This isn't real, yet, but it could be soon.

Trump is on target to violate the Constitution the moment he takes the oath of office
We have had smart presidents and dim ones, effective ones and incompetents, successful ones and unaccomplished ones. Until now, we have never had one for whom it was legitimate to question at the onset of his presidency whether he could fulfill his oath to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
There Are 'Impeachable' Claims In That Trump Russia Memo, But Are They True?
And for good reason: if some of the facts relayed by unnamed sources to an also-unnamed ex-British intelligence officer are true, they could be treasonous, impeachable even, according to former NSA legal counsel Susan Hennessey.

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